Tuesday, October 20, 2009

French Meadow Bakery

If you haven't been able to tell my previous posts, I have a thing for pizza. Everyone likes to have options, as do I. This time around I tried out the pizza crust from French Meadow Bakery. Their products are gluten free, lactose free, casein free, peanut free, and are diabetic-friendly (meaning they are low on the glycemic index).

The crusts are frozen and 2 pan pizzas come in a package. They have 130 calories per 1/3rd of the crust, but the pizza is so small you'll end up eating the whole thing, which means you're consuming 390 calories from the crust alone. It irritates me when you know you're going to eat the whole package but the whole package is 2 or 3 servings. Why do companies do that?

Anyhow,... I loaded up my toppings on the pizza, and baked it for 15 minutes in its own pan. The edge of the crust was nice and crisp with a good crunch to it, but the bottom middle of the pizza seemed a little too moist, almost to the point of not being done. Still slightly doughy. Once out of the pan and onto plates, I noticed the crust broke apart pretty easy; it kind of wanted to fall apart. For me, that makes this pizza a C- for consistency, but on the plus side, I give it an A for flavor.

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