Friday, October 9, 2009

Clothing Finds

I'm a 80% thrift shopper, 20% bargain-label shopper. I do not typically like to advertise brands on my clothes, so while a fleece might be super cute and super warm, if it says the name-brand across the chest, or even small on the shelve, I will lean away from it. I'm sorry, but I'm generally just not a walking advertisement for clothing companies.

There is however, one label, and one label only that has yet to disappoint, and I always find something awesome at their outlet stores, and that's BCBG. I would never dare pay their regular ticketed prices, but unlike a lot of other labels out there, everything I try on there typically fits right. I own several items from them, but my two favorite are my day-before wedding dress, which I got for a steal, something like $299 dropped to $69, and more recently, just last week, an alpaca sweater, originally $169, and I paid...drum roll please, $29. Now when other "cheapy/trendy" stores are selling sweaters for $39, and $49 and you know those are only good for one season, you can see how much of a fabulous find this was. I love it and can't wait to wear it. I'd say give it a month and it will be cold enough her in Sacramento to wear it. And please note, my hair was down for this picture, which I hardly ever do.

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