Friday, September 25, 2009

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Ice Cream

I like ice cream, but my husband has a true addiction to ice cream. We could never keep it in the house because he'll have a scoop here and a scoop there and then he'd be surprised when it was all gone. However things changed when he gave up milk. He hasn't given up dairy completely, but he went from drinking 2 gallons of Vitamin D milk every 10 or so days to 1 64 oz container of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze every 10 days. So he stays away from straight milk, yogurt, or ice cream. The reason why is because he was suffering from severe brain fog. His memory was practically non-existent, he was sluggish and couldn't focus, and he was sort of bland (didn't crack too many jokes, etc.)

Now he recalls the smallest details, and is unbelievably witty! I'm amazed by the difference. However he no longer can have his favorite dessert: ice cream. So we have begun the search for a good alternative ice cream, and have started with one of his favorite flavors, cookie dough, from the Purely Decadent line made with coconut milk, owned by Turtle Mountain. They have a line made from soy milk and a line made from coconut milk. I generally don't like soymilk, so we tried out the coconut milk line. I gave this product 4 stars and Mike gave it 3.5 stars. Check out our full review on episode 12 of GFree TV.


oli said...

Purely Decadent ice cream has always left an aftertaste for me which I never liked. Maybe things have changed in that arena, I don't know since I haven't bought any for some time.
I prefer Soy Delicious but not all their ice cream is gluten free particularly their cookie dough. Dang. So read the labels. It is very creamy.
I understand about the coconut taste, being a girl from a dairy. I expected the beautiful vanilla taste to fill my mouth with a hint of coconut. Just like other things that are gluten free...ya gotta get over it. Don't expect anything. It is what it is and coconut milk is very good as an ice cream. If you are not a coconut person then your pretty much screwed. But for the rest of us it's a great alternative. It makes great ice cream sandwiches by the way.

For someone that gave it a 3.5 you sure were eating a lot of it. He He He...Once you get used to the taste of it, it will probably become a's a little addicting you know?

Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

Yes, there is definitely a coconut vibe going on there, but two thumbs up for richness.

These days I don't eat soy very often, but Whole Soy & Co. frozen yogurt is surprisingly good.

Worth experimenting, there are so many brands of df ice cream on the market now!