Friday, September 25, 2009

Gluten Free, Aluminum Free Deodorant

Deodorant: my personal struggle. I hate it when I find a product that works for me and then they discontinue it. I had my go-to-deodorant-stick for years and then a little over a year ago they discontinued it, and ever since then I've been hopping from brand to brand looking for a new deodorant that is gluten free, aluminum free, and actually works! The closest thing I've found is Tom's of Maine Apricot deodorant; I have a reaction to the Lemon Grass scent, and plan to try out the sensitive care line from them next. Most recently, however, I purchased a roll-on from Naturally Fresh. I don't like the roll on at all, and it doesn't seem to work for me either, meaning within 30 minutes I need to put more on, although because I'm on the hunt, I probably will end up trying out their wide stick with aloe vera eventually. I haven't tried out the Jason or Desert Essence lines yet, but when each stick is $5 you have to stop and question. I know a lot of people stop and question the price of some of gluten free mixes, but for me it's beauty products.

Do you have a favorite gluten free, aluminum free deodorant? I'd love it if you'd share in the comment section.

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oli said...

People, go to Trader Joe's and buy the chrystal solid salt (I call it). You put water on it and roll it under your arms. It works, I use it once a day or twice if I am going somewhere later. The only problem I have with it is when I drop it and break it. It can shatter or chunk up. The darn thing can last up to a year if you don't mangle it somehow.

I am not a big sweating type person but this controls odor and lets you perspire naturally. There are no aluminum or fragrance problems either.

Right now for my face I am using Destiny Boutique products I use the DETOX facial wash and Argan oil. Check out their website. The soap literally lifts out junk from your skin leaving it non irritated or dry. Then I use the Argan oil, which takes 1, count them 1 drop for my entire face...concentrating around the lips and eye area's of course.We don't want to look pruney before our time.

Read the bio of the company to find out it's about WOMEN taking care of women. I love that.