Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wholesome Cake

I received some samples of cake mix from Whole Some Chow, who offer both a vegan line and a gluten free, vegan line. I was iffy about whether or not this was going to be good, because honestly I have not had any vegan cake mixes that are actually good. Every other time when I have made a cake with oil instead of eggs it separated after being baked. The other issue with vegan cakes is density. It's expected they will be more dense, but some are just inedible.

Thus, you can understand my doubt that these cakes would be tasty, but I gave it a go. I started out with the chocolate cake, which was good enough to frost.  The vanilla cake was really good; the first day I could hardly tell it was vegan, but the second and third day it almost seemed to become more dense.  The raw batter was actually better than the baked cake.

Then there was the chocolate lavender cake.  I waited as long as I possibly could because I dislike lavender and just could not imagine it in a cake.  When I finally did make it it had a similar consistency to the plain chocolate, but something was off about it both in taste and texture. Just not for me. Overall I do not think I would buy these mixes, but if you're vegan, I suppose they are worth a go.

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Stephanie said...

That looks amazing. I wish I could try that cake.