Friday, January 27, 2012

Sprouts Jubilee

Sprouts is a new chain here in Northern California, and they can generally be found in the central and western United States. They have more of an open feel, with more bulk bins and wine, and less fresh grab and go items than I would say of Whole Foods.  They have both a gluten free aisle as well as items throughout the store.  Right now they are having what they've entitled "gluten-free jubilee" and all of their gluten free items are at least 25% off. There are locations in both Elk Grove and Roseville, with one opening soon in Citrus Heights.

Since I love food, as well as getting deals, I had to go check things out. I stocked up on Luna and Larabars at $1.00/each, Hansen sodas for $0.50 a can, and coconut water for $1.50 instead of $2.99. The big savings came in when looking at the pastas and bake mixes. $1.80 for quinoa pasta, any shape, is a good deal. Pamela's, Authentic Foods, King Arthur, and Bob's Red Mill, and a few others were all about $2-3 off per mix. King Arthur can be more of an expensive line, so that's what I generally stocked up on.  If you have not ever been to Sprouts, or if you want to take advantage of some deals, make sure you plan a visit before February 1.

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