Thursday, December 1, 2011

Left Over Turkey Dish

Last night I made a dish that is inexpensive, great for left over chicken or turkey bits, easy enough for college students, or busy working professionals who don't have a lot of time to make anything.  I made the dish I hated as a child- cream turkey on toast. 
My mom would make the cream from scratch with real milk, etc. I did a little short cut and used cream of chicken soup I had in the cupboard with some milk, salt, pepper, garlic.  Heat it up, thin out with a little milk, and then simmer it while you toast your bread, cut the bread into squares (I buttered my toast but not necessary- your choice), and then just scoop turkey cream mixture onto your toast and serve.That's it.  Tasty and simple.    
I think I just disliked it when I was younger because I had a think against "slop" like dishes. This is the second time as an adult I have made it, and my husband gave me praise for this dish. Go try it.

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