Monday, December 12, 2011

Cream of Celery Casserole

I had extra celery left over in the vegetable drawer and creme of celery soup in the cupboard so I decided to get a little experimental and make creamy celery casserole. Now let me prefix this with the following statement: I don't care for celery.  I only ever buy it to put it in soup or in this case, add flavor to the turkey, and thus I ended up with extra. I did not want to see it go to waste, so I decided to run with the idea of a celery casserole I found somewhere on the web.
I sauteed the celery in butter for about 5 minutes until I could put my fork through it, and then I transferred it to my pyrex pan, added sauteed mushrooms,  cream of celery soup, some bread crumbs and a little vegan cheese.
I baked it for about 30 minutes and transferred it to my plate. It made a nice presentation, but I did not care for it.  Celery and I just do not see eye to eye.  I did however eat all my mushrooms and cheese- those I definitely could not let go to waste.

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Olinda Paul said...

Sometimes, no matter what you do. It doesn't work. Keep's the only way you find out if it is mouth worthy.