Monday, September 26, 2011

Gluten Free Soft Pretzels!

Finally I have found a gluten free soft pretzel!!!  I'm not sure what the brand was, but I used to eat frozen soft pretzels that came in a black box. I also used to be a huge, huge fan of pretzel time in the mall. I've missed that.  In any case, there is now a gluten free option! They are twisted by hand and made in a nut-free facility.  Depending on your fridge space, they are good for 1 day out, 4 days in fridge, or 9 months in freezer, but let's be real, the 1 day out is realistically how long they will last in your house.

I always dipped my pretzels in a cheese sauce, but what if you're dairy free too.  We also reviewed Nacheez!  A dairy free, vegan nacho cheese option. Check out our on the spot reactions of Kim & Scott's gluten free pretzels dipped in Nacheez on this episode of GFreeTV.

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