Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tony's Pizza Napoletana

More and more pizza parlors seem to be getting on the bandwagon on offering a gluten free crust, but the places that offer gluten free pizza in a safe dedicated area, or dedicated equipment are limited. Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco wants to do it right.  I have not been here yet, but wanted to share with my readers, yet another place to stop in when you're in the city.

According to Insider Scoop SF they are taking gluten free seriously, with a separate "countertop Baker’s pride brick oven and designating an area of the kitchen strictly for gluten free.  To ensure zero contamination from flying flour particles in the air, the pizza is brought to the table covered."

If you check out their menu, there's an appealing selection of items for the average diner, but if you look to the bottom corner of the menu you'll find this: 

Full Insider Scoop SF article can be read HERE.

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