Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simply Shari's Pizza

Simply Shari's (previously known as Gluten Free & Fabulous) has gone through a huge overhaul in branding in the past year.  The company makes a variety of items to include cookies, pasta meals, and pizza.  The pasta meals fell short of my expectations, but the cookies generally redeemed my faith in the company. As a pizza lover I had to try theirs, but how did it fare?

In terms of pizza, they make 5 varieties, and I decided to go with the pesto margherita.  They retail for between $6 or 7 which isn't too bad in the scheme of things, but lucky for me I had a coupon for a free pizza.  The pizza is made in a dedicated gluten free facility, so there is some nice reassurance there for people really concerned about cross contamination, but as for taste, well....

For a thin crust pizza, it was good, but it didn't blow my socks off. It got nice and brown, crispy even, so it didn't droop when you picked up a slice, but then it doesn't have a lot of weight to support. The cheese was a little light for my preference, but the pesto flavor was good and didn't make the pizza too oily. So back to the price point- would I buy this pizza for $, I'd rather splurge and buy Against the Grain or buy a pack of Udi's crusts.

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