Monday, July 25, 2011

Sans Gluten Free

On a recent trip into the bay area, I crossed the San Mateo Bridge and visited Sans Gluten Free; a small gluten free market in San Mateo. I like the fact that I can go to an all gluten free market, but truthfully the trip left a bit to be desired.

Walking through the open wooden door, I found a giant table and a couple metal shelves of products.  The front table was full of fresh bakery items, but other than that 95% of the store was stuff I've seen in mainstream grocery stores.

The back of the store seemed dark, there was no music playing, and nobody greeted us.  In fact, the woman behind the counter was doing something on her cell phone--not sure what. Perhaps she was responding to an important message... but still, the experience seemed odd to me.

Although it's great to have a 100% gluten-free store, this is certainly not a store I would want to make a special trip to just because they are serving the gluten free community. The reviews I've read on yelp are mixed--knowledgeable owners, but a somewhat limited variety of products; refreshing to see all gluten free items in one place, yet they seem to focus on the treats, lacking more healthy alternatives.

I hope that the store can continue to grow and cater to those with food allergies, but my recent experience left me wanting more, both from an atmospheric and selection point of view.

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