Thursday, June 23, 2011

GF Italian

Jacqueline Mallorca is based out of the bay area, so it only seems appropriate to review a semi-local gluten free author. I looked at the Gluten Free Italian over the Christmas season and almost bought it twice, but I was lucky enough to be sent a free copy for review.  As the cover states the book covers recipes "from crostini to tiramisu". I looked to compare some recipes to what I had in the fridge and ended up making a wonderful meal.

Her shrimp recipe on page 134 sounded easy; like something you might try and make up on your own with the ingredients in your fridge, and yet, these were the best shrimp I have never had at home. Seafood is a stable in my house; for some it is beef, for me it's shrimp and salmon.  These shrimp were perfect; better than an restaurant could offer for double the cost of what I paid. I paired them with a simple spinach salad- divine. What I personally refer to as foodgasmic!

There's also a recipe for baked celery which sounds intriguing, especially since I don't like celery raw- "ants on a log" just don't satisfy no matter how much peanut butter I put on them.  Yet I have never thought to bake celery.  I wonder if it's texture changes and thus plan to try this. That recipe and several others. One day I hope to have made every dish in every dedicated gluten free cookbook I own.

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Olinda Paul said...

This looks extremely yummy.