Monday, April 25, 2011

Mr. Monopoly and the Sexy Shoe

Mike and I are board game fans, and although monopoly isn't one of my personal favorites, it had some great characters to draw from. This year for our 2 year wedding anniversary we decided to have a monopoly themed photo shoot- him as Mr. Monopoly and I was the sexy shoe. We made sure to feature the railroad, the boat, and the boardwalk, with some fun twists. This is just one quick pic we snapped with my iphone in-between shots (the rest will be black and white-mostly). For less than $20 and the services of a friend, we had a fun filled afternoon.  Many more pictures to come.  We had so much fun that maybe this will have to become a tradition- perhaps Clue, CandyLand, and many others are in our future.

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How Cute