Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Goodwill Outlet Finds!

If I could make thrifting my job, I just might.  I love seeing what I can find. Recently a new Goodwill Outlet opened in the Citrus Heights area.  Years ago I had been to the location in South Sacramento; it's really dirty and you just might want to bring some gloves in addition to necessary hand sanitizer. Now unlike Goodwill, their outlet is like low level dumpster diving, let's be honest, and you do need to be careful not to be poked by anything, because they toss stuffed animals in with electronics and wiring, but besides for taking precautions, it can be a fun experience. Additionally the outlet allows you to buy everything for 1 flat rate per pound!  That's right, per pound. Books, clothing, electronics, even some furniture; other furniture is a flat price. 

For $5 flat, and that was with a $0.17 donation to training, I got....
  • a black and white rampage dress
  • a reusable grocery bag
  • a Nice West purse that looked brand new (green and brown leaf print with brown leather rope strap)
  • a super cute book featuring Charlie Brown
  • a stuffed bunny just in time for Easter
  • a blue roxy bag that just needs to be washed
  • a reversible sun hat
  • a way cute top black party top from Forever 21
  • a green silk scarf
Of course it's hit or miss, and you have to be willing to dig, but seriously a fun little adventure. 


Mom said...

Totally impressed, my frugal "Baby Girl".

Anonymous said...

i agree!