Friday, January 7, 2011

Say Goodbye to Strawberry Wafers

When I wasn't gluten free, years and years ago now, I loved buying the mixed flavor pack of wafer cookies for like $1.99 or something ridiculously cheap. You'd get chocolate, strawberry, orange, and vanilla, and I'd rotate between the orange and strawberry ones first- they were my favorite.

When I started eating gluten free one of the first products I bought were the glutino wafers: lemon and strawberry. Over time the wafers became a special treat because they would never last very long, and because they were $5.00 a box. Recently I went to buy the strawberry wafers, and everyone seemed to be out of them, so I contacted the company. I noticed they had redesigned their website and the strawberry wafers weren't listed in the cookie section. What? Did they get rid of them? Indeed!!!!

I asked...
"I've been buying the strawberry wafers for a long time, on a regular basis, and recently I noticed all my local stores have been out of them. Now that I've browsed your website I see the flavor is no longer listed. Is it true, have you discontinued the strawberry wafer? Why, why, would you discontinue my beloved cookie?"

Their response...
"Thank you for contacting Glutino Food group. Unfortunately the Strawberry Wafers have been discontinued and are no longer available. Sorry for the news. This was a marketing decision."

Just like that. I really enjoy a lot of the Glutino products, but that decision was stupid on their part. I know a lot of people really enjoyed those.


Anonymous said...

Wow. A business decision, I can understand. A rude, crappy response to a customer? Not ok. I guess if they are displaying being indifferent to their customers who respond to them, they understand equally well that customers can be indifferent to all their products and not purchase anything by Glutino at all. There are many good gluten-free companies, and people are making many good meals and tasty baked goods easily for themselves, these days.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gluten Free Adventures and Friends,

I am sorry that you got a less than satisfactory response from us regarding the strawberry wafers. We know there are people that love the strawberry wafers, and we considered several different options before we made the difficult decision to discontinue.

We appreciate your business and hope you will continue to try all of our other great products. (Have you tried the new chocolate covered pretzels? My new personal favorite!) We know you have choices, and we thank you for choosing Glutino.

Laura Kuykendall
Marketing Director, Glutino

oli said...

Ye, I hate it when you find something that works for you and they discontinue it. I would like to know their thought process on HOW they decide not to continue. It seems like just when I find something wonderful..BAM! They take it away. I think it's because they didn't advertise it enough in the right places. Some things I never knew existed until I accidentally came across it. And I look EVERYWHERE!
Sorry about your loss.