Sunday, January 23, 2011

Santa Barbara Part 1

Last November I decided that I was worthy of a trip to the beach for my birthday. It didn't matter to me if there was hail or a hurricane, I was going to see the beach; feel the sand between my toes. We're on a tight budget, but we made it work. We used priceline and booked a four star hotel right on the beach for less than half of it's normal cost- amazing. Out of the car, sandals on, we didn't waste anytime. We walked until we basically knew if we didn't turn around we would never make it back. We walked about 5 miles down the coast away from the SB harbor. An endless row of palm trees, beach, volleyball, soccer- a bustle of activity for a Thursday in January!

I was amazed at the number of homeless people at the beach. I've been to a lot of beached and never seen that make homeless people in one area, but I guess if you're homeless SB and the beach is a good place to be. There was this one guy who was playing volleyball by himself, at least he thought so;- there was no ball, but he was really good at serving an imaginary one. There was one beach bus (seen on the right) that was a serious makeshift mobile home. The guys that came out of this bus seriously only had the bus, the soccer they were playing with, and the clothes on their back. Now I could live at the beach, but it would be more like this silver one (seen on left)- which reminds me both of a hot dog, and I Love Lucy's a Long, Long Trailer. (Haven't seen it- it's a must watch!)


Mom said...

Nice pics. Sad, but even Waikiki had a whole population of homeless the first time we went.

Keep your fingers crossed for the Pack, we are in 3rd quarter.

Diana said...

Can't wait for more pics. Looks beautiful!