Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pizza and Crickets at Pismo Beach

Pizza on the beach never gets old, and with a six hour journey ahead of us we needed some sustenance. I did a quick search for gluten free around Pismo Beach and stumbled upon Doughboy's Pizzeria, who also makes their own gluten free crust from scratch. (Why can't more places in Sacramento offer this? err) While we were paying for our pizza we ran into another gluten free diner and ended up chatting a bit. There's more of us out there than I think any of us realize.
Anyhow, we ordered a the pesto chicken which had cheese, pesto sauce, roasted chicken, feta cheese, & fresh tomatoes. The chicken on this pizza was not nearly as dry as the chicken from Pizza Guru, although the crust was less firm than Pizza Guru, and almost couldn't handle all of it's toppings. The edge of the crust was almost over done and the edges of the left overs got really hard. The flavor however was amazing; the chicken had a nice roasted flavor and was nice and moist. We ordered our pizza to go, and headed to the beach for the last of the sunset. We found a bench away from the teenage clicks there to party for the night, and had a nice romantic dinner.

When we were all done we walked up the strip a little and went into a "candy" store for a treat before hitting the road. We were surprise with what we found. Gummi bears, taffy, and insects. Yes insects, the real deal too. The cashier told us about all the owner of the store raises all the insects that they had: ants crickets, scorpions, and larvets; chocolate covered, or seasoned. WOW! And he ships them all over the world. I mean I know some cultures eat insects but I've never anything like this in a candy store before. I was seriously tempted by the sour cream and onion crickets, but I saved my $2 bucks.

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oli said...

You can have the crickets. THe pizza looks great however!