Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twelve by Twelve

When I'm not cooking, baking, eating, or writing about food, I like to be crafty. This past weekend I finally made a no sew blanket, a tie scarf, and a Christmas wreath for my front door. Little, short craft projects. The thing is though, I like to scrapbook; this is a time-consuming project. For years I've been scrapbooking.

Before I got married, but was dating, I worked on 2 books a year: one book focused on my relationship, social activities we did together, vacations, etc., and one book all about me- personal growth, experiences, what not. Sure there was some over lap but I never wanted my life to be consumed by my relationship. I wanted to make sure when I looked back at my life as an old white-haired woman, that I would see an independent woman who, with or without a partner, did some awesome things.

I'm confident that my husband would agree with me when I say that we are one of the few couples that seem to both be together, and still very much separate at times. However, being married changed my view on making 2 scrapbooks a year. No longer was that other person in my relationship-based book going to change. His influence is inevitably surrounding me; in a positive light of course.

I now only have 1 book to maintain, and yet I'm still falling short. I haven't scrapbooked anything since March. I have the paper and photos picked out but it's the act of assembling it all together. This is a much longer time-consuming crafting habit I have. I wonder if others have a system in keeping up with their scrapbooks. October to December is a busy time for me at work, but the rest of the year, I just don't know. January and February of this year I spent finishing last year's book, and I just hate this game of perpetual catch up. What does the rest of the world do? How do I stay on top of this one?

* The picture is from Kevin and Amanda's website. That's one bitchin' room; I'd love to have something like that someday!!


Jamie and Preston said...

I hear you! I have scrapped in Ethan's book since he turned 1 and the same for Noah. I have stacks of pictures on my scrap desk just waiting for inspiration to strike. Holly, on the other hand, manages to stay up to date by scrapping weekly. She is really good about staying on top of it. She is also VERY picky about photos and doesn't overwhelm herself (like I do) with tons of prints that just have to make it in the book.

Jamie and Preston said...