Thursday, October 21, 2010

My New Addiction

When I was a kid I was absolutely addicted to SmartFood: super cheesy white cheddar popcorn. Then about a year or so ago I started buying a flavored powder to sprinkle on my plain popcorn; once again a white cheddar popcorn option. Do we see a pattern here yet?

Well about a month ago I was introduced to my newest addiction: the Popcorn Indiana product line. I tried out the cinnamon sugar first. I generally do not like that sweet, savory popcorn combine, like kettle corn, so I wasn't quite sure about it, but it was rather tasty. Then I tried the white cheddar, and it was/is fabulous. It was a surreal snacking moment. How could get possibly get any better?

Well, then I discovered the bacon ranch flavor. It does not contain real bacon, but it does contain blue cheese. Most of the time us "celiacs" stay away from blue cheese because 95% of it contains gluten, but the blue cheese in this product is safe, at least for those of us who are not allergic to blue cheese. The other day at work we accidentally discovered that my co-worker was in fact allergic to blue cheese, and not the gluten that is often found in blue cheese- sorry Katie.

The company makes several other flavors, and offer all of them in small or large bags. Be forwarned, you and a companion can easily eat an entire large 9 OZ bag during a movie. Sorry popchips, I've moved on for the time being.

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