Friday, September 10, 2010

Rice Takes Many Forms

I've always been a big fan of rice cakes. A common breakfast for me is a rice cake with peanut butter smeared on top, and either raisins on top of that, or sliced bananas on top. Sometimes, however, we get bored with our go-to-foods, and it's nice to switch it up, even if it's just the shape of the food. J1 crunchy rice rolls are one of my new favorite breakfast/snack items. Just rice, cane juice, rice syrup, and agar...each roll is about the same amount of calories as a rice cake (45 calories), and more fun to eat. The rolls are just a little sticky to the touch, and are a great snack on the go when paired with a justin's on-the-go squeezable almond butter pouch.

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