Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heaven Sent

Before I went gluten free I was blind to just how many different types of ice cream there are out there, and I'm not referring to flavors; I'm referring to base product- ie the type of dairy used to make it- soy, hemp, cow, goat, and my latest discovery- almond milk ice cream!

Almond milk is a staple in our house, so it only seems right to have almond milk ice cream, right? Well I found a brand, Heaven Sent, that is, well, heavenly. It's a small, family-owned business out of Oregon, and they offer eight varieties. I have had the strawberry thus far, and it tastes like strawberry marshmallows- sweet and creamy. I also like that it's low glycemic because they use agave instead of sugar, and they use ingredients like slippery elm bark and sea salt. This is probably one of the most alternative ice creams I've heard of when it comes to the ingredient list, but I really do love it.

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