Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Graham Cracker Crust

I made a killer cheesecake this past weekend, let's not even think about how many calories there was in one slice of this bad boy, and yes it contains dairy, but I do plan to attempt to make the exact recipe with dairy free ingredients. Now with all that said, the big hump to making gluten free pie or cheesecake is always the crust. This time it came out perfect. How you ask? I used a box of Kinnikinick graham cracker crumbs. I've been making graham crackers from scratch myself for years, and half stay crackers and half become crumbs, but it's always nice to have a fast, convenient option.

1 box of these, some butter, and some cinnamon, 5 minutes baked by itself, then filled with whatever filling you're planning on, and you too could experience one of the best graham cracker crumb crusts.

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oli said...

Ok, send the recipe....let's not hog it for ourselves. The holidays are coming up. I love cheesecake but haven't made a good GF one yet.