Monday, August 2, 2010

De Boles Pasta

Pasta seems to be one of the biggest struggles for people new to the gluten free diet. I typically buy either Tinkyada or Bionaturae. However, back in May I was sent some De Boles pasta and I finally made a pasta dish with it. De Boles is a cheaper pasta option, and for that reason I had always kind of stayed away from it, thinking that it would fall apart faster and not taste as good. I still feel that way about the basic rice option that comes in the blue box, but I recently tried the multigrain (quinoa and amaranth) option and found it very tasty. Hardy would be the word that best describes it. I like quinoa, but if you don't, or don't know if you do, the taste might be a little strong or off-putting for you. Would I buy this product again- maybe, although I really like the Bionaturae for my pasta salad.

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mayaari said...

if you can find Schar pasta (in a yellow box), definitely give it a try - my boyfriend has Celiac and it's one of his favorite brands for pasta because the flavor is light and it holds up well. They make some great cookies/biscuits as well!