Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Going Nuts!

Nut clusters are a great, healthy snack, but they need to be the right size and right firmness...a fine balance that I had yet to find until I recently tried out Nutland Foods. They offer 6 flavors: Almond, Pecan, Cashew, Berries & Cherries, Trail Mix, and Pistachio clusters. I first tried the almond and it was tasty. A little sweet, a little salty. Then I discovered they offered my favorite nut-pistachio. Dry roasted, pistachios, evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, and sea salt, make up these small little squares of nutty heaven. Some brands make their
clusters too large, while these are certainly bite size, and they have a crunch to them, without making you fearful of breaking a tooth. Never had that experience? I have! In fact I tossed the bag or two from other brands because the product(s) was just too dang hard. Summary: you've got to try these! Great for roadtrips, hiking, camping, or a snack on any day.

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oli said...

I do love this nut. I hate shelling though, it takes too long to get to the nut. This is what I am talking about! Cant wait to find them. I bet it's good on top of ice cream.