Monday, June 14, 2010

Bubba Gump gets 2 Thumbs Up

Recently I mentioned that Bubba Gumps has introduced a gluten free menu. Well now I have dined there and let me tell you- DELICIOUS! I love shrimp and I got my fill at the BG in Monterey, CA. As soon as our server came over and saw that I had the GF menu he told me what their process is, and it starts by him altering the manager and the chef. Then the manager came out to speak with me, although our server Matt did a much more detailed job of explaining everything. (It was great to meet a server who knows what gluten free is.) They say they change out all the cutting boards, utensils, and gloves for my meal, to greatly decrease my chances of cross contamination. Whatever they did back there worked, because my stomach was happy as can be right after the meal and for the next 24 hours.

I ordered a massive shrimp cocktailAnd the shrimp chimichurri skewers
After having an absolutely horrible experience 5 or so years ago (before they had a GF menu) I am so thankful I had such an enjoyable meal without any sort of negative reaction.

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