Monday, May 10, 2010

Vegas: RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay

Chef Rick Moonen is all about sustainable seafood, and his restaurant, RM Seafood, located inside Mandalay Bay, was voted the best of Las Vegas 2009, so I was excited about being able to dine here. I was told they would be able to accommodate my gluten free diet, and I love seafood, so this was a planned meal for one of the nights while we were in Vegas.

Once we were seated, our server consulted directly with the chef about what could be prepared gluten free for me. Our server seemed really confident while passing on the information to me, however considering that everything is fresh and made from scratch in the back, I didn't feel like I really had as many options as I have had at other restaurants that cook seasonally and fresh. Moreover, I didn't find my options as appealing as you think you should have at a seafood restaurant. I'm all for fresh, and small & healthy portions, but this place definitely caterers to the more sophisticated pallet that enjoy foie gras, oysters, and caviar. Sure who doesn't love deep fried fish, but for this meal I really was hoping for a nice grilled piece of salmon or tuna, but I didn't really have that option.

I tried an oyster for the first time, and well... it was not good, and not something I want to eat ever again. I also ordered a sushi roll made with fresh crab, which was good, but forgettable. Plus, I was told their wasn't any vinegar in their sushi rice, but I know sushi vs. steamed rice, and this stuff was a little too sticky and a little to sweet to be steamed just in water. I had some minor gastrointestinal issues after this meal, so I'm willing to bet it was the rice that made me sick. And if it wasn't the rice, it was something else. Verdict: One of our most expensive meals and one of the most disappointing, and yes, my husband pretty much felt the same way I did.

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oli said...

OH dear....I find this unsurprising as that is how I was treated in restaurants. That's why I generally don't dine out..that, and cost. Like they say that they KNOW GLUTEN FREE (how could you say they didn't...they are so insulted) better than you. It looks good etc. but I can even tell it, by the smell of the food (like when I was in the hospital and they totally screwed up my meals...all of them.). It's a shame they can't make a good showing as more and more people are being diagnosed. Sometimes the fancy restaurants don't want "problem guests" as I heard them call me once. Fine...they won't get my money again for their overpriced food.