Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Las Vegas!

I left my blogging, my tweeting, and emailing all behind me and headed to Vegas with my husband for a long weekend. Since what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and I totally understand the thinking behind this phrase now, I'm just going to share a few highlighted tidbits from my trip.

First of all, our hotel. The view from our hotel room at New York New York, the New York Tower. We were at the very end of a very long hallway that was very amusing to walk down at 2am after a couple of drinks. And despite what some reviews said about horrible experiences being near the roller coaster, we only experienced a semi-load rush every 15 minutes from the roller coaster, but it didn't bother us.
We saw a show- "O" at the Belliago. The show was absolutely amazing, and well worth the money! We took a picture before the curtain was pulled.
We weren't allowed cameras inside the theater, so we left it in our hotel room, but after the show we were able to get an awesome shot of the strip with the iphone.
And in my opinion, a trip to Vegas isn't complete without a trip to the M & M store, for some teal M & M's, lol. M & M's and a drink make a great afternoon combo when walking down the strip.
And we didn't miss the Belliago fountain show. We saw it at night and during the day. Free, entertaining, and if it's a hot day, it provides a great mist.
So there you have it. A quick and brief view into my vacation. The rest of our trip- the fun, the flirting, the gambling, and all those misc you-had-to-be-there-moments will remain private memories between my husband and I. If you haven't been to Vegas, it's a must, at least once. And a packing tip for the ladies- if you haven't heard, you do need to bring 3 pairs of shoes- flip flops, heels, and sneakers :-)

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