Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gluten Free Essentials Sugar Cookie Mix

A couple of months ago I was sent samples of some cake and cookie mixes from Gluten Free Essentials, which is a CSA approved company that uses a dedicated gluten free facility to produce numerous mixes. I first tried out the chocolate cake mix, and it was generally good, and I am finally getting around to trying out their vanilla sugar cookie mix. Now, I have been making sugar cookies from scratch, gluten free and not, since I was a child, so I am a hard critic when it comes to any "boxed" sugar cookie mixes.

I am used to sugar cookies to be slightly puffy, slightly firm, but soft and buttery on the inside, and of course they can not be eaten without frosting. Most of the time they are also in holiday/themed shapes, but when I'm pressed for time, I just make circles. This is just how I have always had them, and understand others will enjoy their sugar cookies differently. Today was one of those days when I didn't have massive amounts of time, and didn't want to invest massive amounts of time to making cut shapes if they didn't turn out, so circles they were to be.

I always taste the dough. I'm used to it be sweet; this dough had a slightly funny taste on the back end- sort of baking soda tasting. Baked, these cookies are well, according to my husband- buttery, and addictive. He ate 2 right before dinner, and 2 after dinner. I won't have any left to frost at this rate. I do enjoy these cookies, but am somewhat on the fence as to if I would refer to these as sugar cookies. I kind of felt like they tasted like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. I may feel differently with frosting on top, but knowing my upcoming schedule, I doubt I can work that in, hence the review without frosting them. In any case, I am certainly interested in trying out other products from this company.

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