Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frontera Kitchen: Mexican with gluten free flare.

Frontera Kitchen makes a large selection of sauces and salsas with some serious Mexican flare. As someone who has made her fare share of salsa, my taste-buds only like the purest of ingredients when it comes to tortilla chip's dipping companion. I was planning on making enchiladas, with a green sauce, so I decided it would be a good time to try out a product from their line. My first experience of their products was their tomatillo salsa, which I used as a base for my enchilada sauce, (my enchilada recipe to be posted soon).

Their packaging really attracts the eye, and the flavor tantalizes the taste buds. The product is a little thin for me; I prefer no risk of dripping. It's listed as having a medium heat, and for me it's on the warm end of medium, on the way to hot. I want to keep eating it, because it is delicious, but my tongue can't take as much of this salsa as it can from other medium heat options. I certainly look forward to trying out other products from Rick Bayless, the chef/creator of Frontera Kitchen.

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oli said...

This sounds very good. I have tried 3 different recipes to make green sauce. They came out very flat tasting and were suppose to be authentic recipes from their grannies. I wasn't impressed. I sure would like to give this a try.