Monday, April 26, 2010

Gluten Free Fig Newton Style Cookie

A gluten free fig newton substitute? I was super excited when I saw these on the shelf. These wild raspberry cookies from Orgran are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, yeast free, and vegan, and from what I can tell by reading the ingredient list corn free, although that's just an educated guess.

I was wondering if it was worth $6 for these 9 cookies, and my answer is if you used to love fig newtons than yes. As a cookie I find the outer pastry part a little dry, and slightly sweet. The fruit filling has the right consistency, and great flavor. The slight dryness of the outer part do however mix well with the softness of the filling, and makes the eating experience, for me, relatively satisfying. My husband, who's not gluten free, thought the outer part was a little "chalky," and I believe his reaction is in response to the chickpea flour, which is the second ingredient.

Overall, I think these would be a good brunch sweet, or an item for someone who wants a little something, without being super sweet.

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oli said...

I LOVE fig cookies. These sound like a great alternative. Can't wait to find them at my store.

I have eaten a whole package of fig newtons all by myself. BLOAT! but yum!