Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Dining Excursion: "Burgers" in Roseville

The local Celiac Support group is running a monthly dining outing and for March they're heading to the The Counter, in Roseville, CA. I've been there before and am looking forward to heading there again. Gluten free customers can order a "burger in a bowl," which is essentially a large salad with the protein from a burger placed in the center of your salad, without a bun. They have burger, turkey, and chicken breasts as options; the veggie burger is not gluten free.

Their fries are made in a dedicated fryer, and a plate of them is really big enough for two people to share, so it's suggested to bring a friend, or buddy up with someone to share at the table. Additionally, they have a large selection of sauces available for the salad/fries.

If you're in the area I hope you can make it out. Here are all the details:

When: 4:30pm on March 13, 2010
Where: The Counter, inside the Fountains Shopping Plaza across from the Galleria.
Physical Address: 1005 Galleria Boulevard Roseville, CA 95678
Cost: Items range from $5-$15. To make payment as smooth as possible please bring cash.
RSVP Deadline: March 6. Please be courteous to all parties involved and let Diane Craig (916-483-8546) know on time, and if you change you mind last minute, please let her know you won't be attending.

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