Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking for a Gluten Free Wedding Cake?

If you're a bride-to-be and have food allergies one of your first thoughts is likely to be what do I do about the food, the wedding cake. I know that it was one of my immediate thoughts. I ended up having gluten free cupcakes made from a vendor in southern California, but if I had been married closer to my home town I would have loved to use one of these two vendors. Perhaps for an anniversary cake. Anyhow, the 2 dedicated gluten-free bakeries in the San Francisco bay area that I would highly recommend are Miglet's Bakery and Crave Bakery, both of which are run by women with food allergies, and both cater to special occasion cakes. Crave's fruit tarts, and Miglet's mini cupcakes are two of my favorite special treats.

Crave Bakery will cater to those who need to avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts or all of the above, while Miglet's can cater to all of those, plus allergies to corn. I'm not sure what Miglet's tasting charge is, but Crave offers a cake tasting for $20.

I am also told that the following non-dedicated bakeries in the bay area can also cater to gluten free wedding cakes:

Flour Chylde Bakery 850 Grant Avenue, Old Town Novato, CA 94954 4158937676

Cakework 613 York Street San Francisco, CA 94110Phone: 415 821 1333

Bewitching Elegance 1170 Broadway Burlingame, CA 94010 San Francisco, CA 510 4696976

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Judy C said...

I am the owner of True Confections in Berkeley. We also offer gluten-free wedding cakes. Of course, the ability of any "regular" bakery to cater to the gluten-free crowd is hampered by the fact that we all use wheat flour in other cakes, so there is some danger of cross-contamination. If you are really sensitive to gluten, there is a bakery in Palo Alto which is completely gluten-free: Kapcakes. Hope this helps!