Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canyon Bakehouse Cranberry Muffins

Recently I was sent samples from a gluten free company out of Loveland, Colorado: Canyon Bakehouse. They make breads, muffins, and foccacia. You'll have to wait for an episode of GFree TV to find out our full opinion of the breads- my favorite is the cinnamon raisin- but for now on to the muffins. $6 will get 4 relatively large muffins and currently the Cranberry Canyon Crunch is the only flavor muffin they make.
Each muffin is 380 calories, which makes me think "holy cow" because I personally only consume 11-1,200 calories a day, and a muffin is not going to hold me over very long. Their base is white rice flour, and they do contain sugar, eggs, and corn. These muffins most definitely have a somewhat gritty-crunchy texture to them, (probably from the millet, pumpkin, & poppy seeds) and I would classify them more as a savory muffin, then a sweet, fruit muffin. I actually enjoyed the muffin more so heated up with some butter on it then straight out of the package.
My husband thought they were a little dry, and I somewhat agree. They seem to crumble a little too easily. Additionally, I think they would be better with more cranberries. The one thing I don't know for sure is their shelf life. I tried contacting the company about it but have not gotten a response back. Overall, this muffin is no Udi's, but it has great promise.

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