Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top 10 Christmas Kitties

Most of my life I've had a kitty cat, and if you're a cat person I'm sure you know they do some funny and annoying things, especially during the holidays, so I decided to put together my top ten picks of Christmas Kitties.

10. They don't care if it's sun-rays or space heaters; they soak up the heat.
9. Cats can be solitary creatures but that's doesn't mean they don't have the same ideas.
8. They claim new territory quickly. 7. They pretend to be angels.
6. They steal presents.
5. They chew and drool on your new toys.4. Sometimes they need a nap.
3. And sometimes they become possessed.
2. They can't wait for Christmas morning.
And the number 1 pick of Christmas Kitties is.......
1. Like children, they get cranky!


Mom Z said...

Who doesn't love a good kitty picture.

oli said...

Here... kitty kitty. Woof!