Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pacific Catch now has a Gluten Free Menu

Over Thanksgiving weekend Mike and I spent some time in San Francisco, and of course we had to eat somewhere, right? Well since I met Chef Chandon Clenard at the Gluten Free Cooking Spree, I figured it would be fun to go visit him at his restaurant. It was a nice end to a very relaxing, and mellow day in the city. Their gluten free menu is new, and as most new menus go... it has a small, limited selection...and yet, everything was generally very pleasing to the palate. We ordered the following:

Baja Shrimp Ceviche

Sake Sake Roll
(not on the GF menu, but was told they could make it GF)

Salmon, Baja BBQ Style

Shrimp, California Style

To see what we really thought of the food, please take a few minutes and watch episode 31 of GFree TV:

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