Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gluten Free Meals on the Go

Doesn't everyone deserve a quick and convenient meal on the go? Hiking, traveling, picnics, school lunches, and more...Go Picnic has gluten free options for you. They basically offer a picnic in a box. For $4.00 to $7.00 you can easily throw a few of these meals in your suitcase or purse. Their gluten free boxed meals have fun names:
  • SafariMunch: Chips, Salsa, & Crunch
  • SportsMunch: Turkey Pepperoni & Crunch
  • ExploreMunch: Turkey Stick & Cheese
  • Anywhere Break: Steak Nuggets, Chips & Salsa
  • ZestyBreak: Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese
  • GoTrek: Steak Nuggets & Snack Mix
I tried out the GoTrek, which comes with a square of swiss cheese, a bag of dried cranberries and pineapple chunks, some zesty snack mix came up of chickpea noodles, roasted corn, and toasted seeds, Jack Link's Beef Nuggets, and for dessert chocolate with nougat. And when you're all done with your meal you can whip your hands on the lemon scented moist wipe that is included. The meal is low in calories but high in protein, which is always good.

I had never had these beef nuggets before, but they were decent in taste and texture. I was unaware that this brand of jerky was gluten free, but in any case, I enjoyed it. The cheese, well, I love cheese, but not at room temperature, and the zesty snack mix was just ok. I personally did not care for the roasted corn pieces, and wished the chickpea noddles were larger. In the end the chocolate was of course my favorite part of the meal, but overall I give the meal a solid B. I would certainly be interested in trying some of their other meals. Have you had a chance to try these yet? Wanna place an order? Use coupon code "glutenfree" on and you should get 20% off your order.

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