Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Conte's Pizza: Doesn't Live up to their Ravioli

Awhile back I tried out Conte's gluten free ravioli and the company was generous enough to send GFree TV samples of their pizzas and their microwave meals as well. Conte's offers 2 gluten free, wheat free pizzas: Margherita Pizza with roasted garlic and olive oil, and Mushroom Florentine with roasted garlic and olive oil. One 16oz pizza offers 4 servings, each around 225 calories. Bake for 12 minutes at 450 degrees, and you're good to go.

My husband and I were huge fans of the ravioli, however the pizza was not the best. Now it is possible that it thawed slightly being shipped across the US and then it was placed back in the freezer, which did something strange to the pizza, but I can't be sure.We found the crust to be too doughy, it seemed almost uncooked. There was a decent amount of sauce, but it was a little short on cheese. Overall, we found the flavor to be bland, and the crust seemed to get worse after each bit. We're big pizza people, and neither one of us finished our slices, so that means something is astray with this product. And in all honesty, my husband thought it was to the point of inedible and threw it away.

Their raviloi's were great but their pizzas need some serious work in our opinions. I also have their frozen microwave meals in the freezer, so we'll have to see how those fare.

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Lisa said...

Wow, I respectfully disagree. I mean, I admit that I was desperate for pizza having recently been diagnosed as wheat-intolerant, but even my 8-year-old daughter loves Conte's Margherita Pizza (with roasted garlic and olive oil). The only problem I had with it was stopping at 1/4 of the pizza! I really think the problem may have been due to the thaw-refreeze action. Definitely worth another try! Cheers!