Thursday, November 12, 2009

Woodchuck Hard Cider

I've drank a few of the gluten free beers, and have never been a beer lover, so I find them all just ok, with Redbridge being my favorite, but recently I discovered the pleasant appeal of Woodchuck Draft Cider. About a week before the Gluten Free Cooking Spree I found out that this cider was safe for me to try, and then coincidentally it was being served up at the Spree.

So far I have had both the Pear and Granny Smith Apple varieties, with 3 other varieties left to try: Raspberry, Amber, and the 802, Dark and Dry. What's really exciting, that despite what other companies say about their products being gluten free, this is the first hard cider/alcoholic beverage I've had that didn't make me itch, (but that doesn't usually completely stop me from having a drink, even though I know it should; it's the one area in my life that I cheat from time to time).

As notated on the FAQ page of the company's website, "Green Mountain Beverage has received numerous inquiries asking if Woodchuck Draft Ciders contain gluten. Due to these requests Green Mountain Beverage had each of the Woodchuck Draft Cider styles tested by ABC Research Corp., Gainesville, FL. We have received the analytical results confirming that all Woodchuck Draft Cider styles are naturally gluten free!" So with all that said, I say give it a try!

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Kendra said...

Have you tried Wyder's hard cider? It's pretty good too. Thanks for the reminder to check out Woodchuck. I abstained at the Cooking Spree since it was a week before my race!