Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun in San Francisco

The California Academy of Science has been closed for remodeling for quite some time, and reopened this year. This was were Mike and I first went on our very first trip into the city way back when we first started dating. And eight years later, we went back. We had a great mellow day, as mellow as we could with the crowds of people and screaming children, and actually got a fabulous parking space in the park right near the building. And it was a very clear, blue day in San Francisco. The highlight as always was the planetarium for Mike and the the aquarium section for me.

Here I am on the "Living Roof" of the museum, with the De Young Museum in the background.

An awesome shot of some waxy monkey tree frogs.

A quick moment in the park when no children were around. Meow.

This lizard had his eye on Mike.

This one's for you mom. Hair down, and relatively styled considering the bay area breeze.

And a side note about gluten free food options at the CA Academy: the Moss Room, which is a nice sit-down place, is only slightly more expensive than the Cafe, and is very accommodating to the gluten free diet. The Cafe is a crap-shoot, and it's not a flat rate per person cafeteria style, but pay per plate, with each section: salads, sandwiches, rolls, etc. I was able to ask a few questions and had a rice roll with shrimp and was ok, but it could just have been luck.

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Mom Z said...

I love my baby girl with hair up or hair down but it does look nice in this picture