Thursday, October 8, 2009

Upcoming Lecture: Nutritionist Christine Craig

On November 15, Christine Craig, a Sacramento-based Nutritionist, will be lecturing on “Don’t Forget the Nutrients” at the local CSA chapter meeting. Previously interviewed by Melanie Weir, owner of Gluten Free Specialty, Christine is not just any run-of-the-mill nutritionist, but focuses on those with gluten-related issues.

With a background in diabetes and nutrition, Christine Craig, MS RD CDE, will be guest lecturing on eating for your whole health. Utilizing her background in nutrition and clinical counseling she empowers patients with knowledge and skills to elicit behavior changes that lead to improved nutrition-related health outcomes. She will cover the difficulty of maintaining basic nutrition while making sure to avoid having gluten in your diet. In addition, she will be discussing the potential for nutrient deficiencies and how to prevent them, calorie and weight management (gain and loss); and ensuring a nutritious diet.

Lecture to be held on Nov 15 @ St. Marks United Methodist Church, 2391 St. Marks Way, Sacramento, CA, from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. The event is free and all are welcome.

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