Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Go-To Gluten-Free Goodies

New to the diet? Considering packing up a gluten free goody bag for a friend this holiday season? I've got a few tips to share with you. Let me give you a little insight into what foods I found the hardest to give up and what I have found to replace them.

For starters, every time I went to San Francisco my husband and I would go to one particular pizza place, and sadly they do not offer gluten free pizza. There have been many experiments in the kitchen, and while I can make a nice pizza crust, when I'm in a hurry, Udi's premade pizza crust is the way to go. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free; it fits the needs of most. (The made great breads too!)

Then came the holidays and my weird obsession with sugar cookies. In fact, recently I've started on the hunt again for some cool cookie cutters to add to my collection. I've been making them from scratch for years, but Gluten Free Mama's Sugar Cookie Mix is a great way to cut out some of the work.

Another tough one for me was going to the movies. I was a total red vine addict. There are several gluten free licorice options out there, but I recently discovered the true red vine replacement. The Red Scotties by Licorice International have matched the taste and texture to a red vine the closest yet. At $4 for 1/2 lb (about 25-3o scotties), they certainly are a real treat, but for that highly anticipated action flick, I think they're a must have.

Of course then there is the whole world of snack bars. If you're looking for a rice krispy-like item, the Peanut Choco Drizzle Bars from Envirokids satisfy my need for chocolate; If you're looking for something to satisfy your need for something chewy/crunchy, and something with some fiber, and low(ish) sugar, the Lemon and Cinnamon Gluten Free Cafe bars are great; and then if you're looking for something that will hold you over during a hike, all varieties of the Boomi Bars are awesome!

Other Staples:
For Baking: Pamela's Pancake Mix, and Tom Sawyer Flour
For Cookies: If I'm too busy to make my own I have to go with Pamela's Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk or Glutino's Strawberry Wafers
For Chips: Popchips, Season's Cheese Puffs (these are seriously dangerous), and Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chip

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