Monday, October 5, 2009

My Betty Boop Collection

So I took a few days off from my world of everything gluten-free to spend some time with family. I was told my sister was coming with an odd shaped, not-easy-to-ship item, and when she got her I finally got to learn what that item was; something that fits into two of my collective desires. I love betty boop, and have many shelves of figurines, and have been considering collecting cookie jars, and then she showed up- A Betty Boop Cookie Jar! I love it! (Thank you mom)

Plus my sister brought along a birthday gift for me. My birthday's not until January, but when you can save on shipping, why not shop early, right? I opened it now, as she insisted, and it too fits perfectly into another fascite of my collection: Betty Boop and bowling/50's theme. (Thank you Di). We did some antique shopping with my sister while she was here, which I used to hate, but Betty Boop pops up everywhere, and sure enough there was a bit of Betty floating around, but I restrained myself.

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Mom said...

You are most welcome. Isn't this one adorable