Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mariposa Coconut Lemon Square

So recently I visited the Mariposa Bakeshop, and while I was there I picked up a few extra goodies, including their coconut lemon square. It's a 2 oz square that costs $2.75, and well worth it. The crust is thin and moist, but it does not crumble in your hand. At first glace you might think it has oats in it, but really it's the coconut and the pecans. It's about 90% chewy and 10% mildly crunchy.

The lemon taste isn't like a punch in the face, like a lemon square I like to make, or a lemon cream pie; it's a very delicate lemon flavor. I'm sure there are a whole lot of calories in this square, which is why I'm splitting it into 2 servings, but really I don't know, because it has no nutritional information on the label. Now that I have had a few bites, I wish I had bought another, but they are only good for 10 days or you can refrigerator or freeze them so they last longer.

Ingredients: gluten-free flour mix (organic brown rice flour, potato starch, sweet rice flour, tapioca flour), dark brown sugar, eggs, natural unsulfered coconut, mechanically pressed organic palm oil, pecans, powdered sugar, organic unrefined cane sugar, lemon juice, lemon oil, salt.
contains pecans and eggs.

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