Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cake Castle for your Baking Needs

When I was young my mom made my sister and I some awesome cakes. This bear was one of the pictures I could find, but there were many impressive ones over the years. For me, I like spending my time and creative-cooking-skills making and decorating sugar cookies and cupcakes. I wanted to get a few more cookie cutters for my upcoming batch of Halloween cookies, so I sought out a specialty shop, and came across Cake Castle on Fair Oaks Blvd in Carmichael (7907 in a small strip mall next to the Family Fitness. Their website doesn't seem to currently be working, but the store is still there). It doesn't look like much from the front, but once you're on the inside, welcome to baking supply heaven!

They not only had loose cookie cutters, but they had tons of sets throughout the store: dinosaurs, holidays, stars, animals, etc. They had some great Halloween ones, including a spider and a spider web which I picked up, along with some other goodies for decorating. They had some amazing pans for cakes and cupcakes, including a sand castle bundt cake pan, which is so what I'm going to need when I want to make a cake for our wedding anniversary, since we got married on the beach. I mean overall, I was pretty impressed. The one thing is they don't carry Wilton's icing dyes, but they did have a couple other good brands. On my way out with my goody bag I had to ask if they offer gift cards, and they do, so I came home and told the hubby, as my kitchen explorations are a favorite, and sometimes expensive venture.

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