Monday, September 7, 2009

Northern CA Trip: Day 2

We kicked off our next morning off with a ride on the Skunk Train. I can't recall the last time I had been on a train, but I found this trip to be very relaxing. A 5 hour journey for Fort Bragg to NorthSpur and back, with an open air car to commune with nature. We saw 1,000 year old trees, turtles sun bathing, and private property owned by the same families for the last 90 years. They had no electrity, and no roads. The train literally stops and brings them whatever they need still to this day, including a bag of lemons, just a few days before we were there. Amazing. What a different way of living. We got to learn all about the logging company that owns most of the forest up there and all that jazz. Interesting.

When the train ride was over the marine layer had come back in and we said goodbye to the coast. We headed on 20 E over to Ukiah and had a fabulous dinner in a small little town, Upper Lake, CA.

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