Thursday, September 3, 2009

I packed my gluten free goody bag....

My husband and I have always been fans of taking a road trip. Over the years I have strangely-fond memories of trying to get items out of the cooler in the backseat, stretching so much that you're about to pull a muscle, but not quite; spreading peanut butter on stalks of celery and then adding raisins, feeding them to my hubby one by one, as we drive down windy, scenic roads, possibly going a little too fast on the curves. This coming weekend we're off again for a long weekend. The first trip we ever took all we ate was junk food, and we had way too much of it. However over the years we've perfected what to bring with us and just how much is enough.

When I was a kid/teenager, I would play I packed my grandmother's trunk, where you take turns naming one item for each letter of the alphabet and have to repeat the list before saying the next thing. Perhaps that's why my memory is so good now, because I was one of the few who could make it to the end of the alphabet without screwing up. We would even make it a challenge by putting restrictions on it, like only naming fruits and vegetables, band names, candy, etc. I think the last time I played was a couple of years ago, standing on a street in San Francisco with some friends, waiting to get it to a concert.

So without further ado...for my upcoming trip, I packed my gluten free goodie bag, and in it I packed....
Boomi bars (Divine Foods)
Cheese & Crackers
Drew's salad dressing, individual style
Fruity bears (Surf Sweets)
Hansen's diet root-beer
Jerky (Shelton's)
K-Too's (Kinnikinnk)
Living Without Magazine
Maple Almond Butter (Justin's)
Quarters for bridge tolls, etc.
Sandwich, premade on Udi's bread
Tea bags
White nectarines X 2

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oli said...

Give your poor brain a rest. Although I would be happy to let you pack my bag.