Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gluten Free Mama

Standing on the mix aisle I caught my hand reaching for the Pamela's baking mix to make cookies, but I said to myself, "know know Debbie, try something new." So I went for the Gluten Free Mama's Cookie Mix, as I noticed it was newer product on the shelf. I have fond memories of making lots of cookies, including sugar cookies, for Christmas with my mom. I remember one year every flat surface in the kitchen and dining room was covered in sugar cookies, waiting for icing. Trees, candy canes, stars, and more.

In my teen/early twenties I branched out from the holidays and started collecting cookie cutters shaped like fish, feet, palm trees, and more. And then boom- I converted to being gluten free. My first winter being gluten free was difficult as I just could not get the sugar cookie recipe with to turn out with the gluten free flours, but over the years I have come up with the perfect blend. And now there's a mix for them, lol. Someday I really should market one of my fabulous blends for cookies or bars, but anyhow, I digress.

So I bought Gluten Free Mama's cookie mix. Please check out episode 11 of GFree TV to see what I thought of it.

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