Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apple Hill and Azna's Bakery make for a Fun Fall

Northeast of Sacramento, CA is an area referred to as Apple Hill, a community of 50 or so ranches that primary produce apples, pumpkins, wine, Christmas trees, and more. All the ranches are bustling throughout September, October, and November, and a once quite county road can sometimes turn into stop and go traffic jam in the height of the season. Some ranches offer craft fairs and music, in addition to pick your own, and homemade goodies. My husband and I have been up there the past few years and have a few favorite stops, including the Fudge Factory, which is located by a beautiful lake you can sit by under the shade of a tree, and enjoy your afternoon.

With Apple Hills' prime season upon us, and if you are driving up from Sacramento, don't forget to check out Azna's Bakery on your way; your semi-local gluten free, dairy free, and vegan-friendly bakery. Plus when your non-gluten free companions end up buying a slice of gluten-containing apple pie at one of the farms you'll be happy you pre-purchased a gluten free goodie, be it a cinnamon roll, a cupcake, or a scone, but make sure you go up on a Saturday, as Azna's is closed on Sundays. (And I've had their cinnamon rolls, and they are truly delicious).

Below is a copy of their menu as of May 2009.

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